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Request for help...

Information to the EU member states

On the reforms of Prime Minister Gyurcsány and on the convergence program
Media in Hungary are lying. Their information are not trustworthy.
Due to a mesh of circumstances of personnel and financial interests, the media are humble servants of the Gyurcsány regime. Present PM Gyurcsány admits himself in his recorded speech (given in May during the socialist party's congress) that they falsified the budget data. The tape with his "confession" was made public by unknown sources; he did not have a sudden urge to confess, as he tries to tell now.

The media don't forward information on facts, they don't present the real situation neither to the Hungarian public, nor to the foreigner public and media.

Money received by Hungary from the EU as well as taxes paid by Hungarian citizens, as laws impose upon them, were (and are) treated by Gyurcsány's government as their own and were not used for their legal purposes.

Gyurcsány misappropriated funds. This is a crime in Hungary as abroad.

The Hungarian legal system guarantees a health-care and pension system based on obligatory principles of solidarity.

In spite of this principle, he handled the amounts paid by employees and employers as being his own. Now the convergence program of Gyurcsány offers openly these funds for the settling of the budget deficit, caused by the way, by the government.

This involves the intention a purposeful genocide of Hungarian citizens!

Health-care: - only 1/3 of the amounts paid for health-care should be spent for health-care - health-care was financed from the contributions of the employees, therefore it is not a free gift. The intended introduction of fees payable for every medical consultation, for the use of hospital beds and for writing every prescription means a restriction of access to general health-care services - functioning of hospitals and of specialised treatments is made impossible due to financial restrictions - according to WHO's definition, sick humans have a right for treatment and for medication. Gyurcsány's convergence program organises health matters on a financial basis. As a consequence a large number of the population will be deprived of the chance of recovery and 1/3 of the total population will be deprived from medical care at all.

Pension system: - employers' and employees' contributions are obligatory by law.

- the convergence program intends to deprive disabled persons (2/3 degree of disability) from their pensions

- it intends to raise the retirement age

- it intends to make pensioners pay as much contributions for health-care, as during the time of their former employments

Since statistics are falsified, it escapes general knowledge that average income of 3 of the population Hungary is: 60-80000 HUF/month, which is 220-300 euro.

As a consequence of the energy prices increase and of increasing interests for credits, every second person will be in dire poverty: his salary won't cover neither his food nor his medical care.He will have a good chance to become homeless and to die due to untreated diseases and ailments. Morbidity indexes of the Hungarian population are already critical.

The convergence program states clearly: the pension fund will become balanced by 2060.

As a consequence, due to the so-called Gyurcsány reforms and the convergence program, considerable strata of society should have a more meagre living and their mortality rate will sky rocket. Therefore, it is the program's obvious aim to get rid of the low-income population, even through an increased mortality rate. With other words, economic upswing is expected from the death of a part of the population.

This is intentional genocide.

No other country within the European Union has ever dared to do this.

If those who accepted the convergence program are aware of above processes, become a party to the crime of genocide in Hungary.

Today it is generally known that the Gyurcsány government defrauded the contributed taxes as well as the financial allocations received from the EU.

Mrs. Zsuzsa Hegedüs, sociologist living in France, reminded several times of these facts, especially in view of the further uncontrollable use of money still expected from the EU.

Gyurcsány Ferenc won the elections in April due to lies - as he confessed - and as soon as he came to power, he implemented a change in the structure of the government: this was a lie again because there was only one change: since then all available sources of state finances are assigned to his power, to the Office of Prime Minister.

This has the further consequence that all finances granted by the EU are also assigned to his sole power, affecting the future of the country in its totality.

With other words: support sent for helping the poorest, for the advance of regions and education will escape our overview, knowledge and control. We talk about an awful lot of money - and the majority of the society will not be able to interfere, they won't know for what the money will be spent and they won't even know who has asked for them and for what.

Those strata of society, who got poorer and poorer during the last two years, will continue their downslide and will be marginalized during the next 20 years. Those, who are on power now, will pocket in all financial support without any social and parliamentary control. Only the richest of the country will enjoy the riches provided by the EU for the benefit of the population. Hungary will soon join the 3^rd world countries: where children of the rich will be part of the global world, and on the other side of the social gap 3 million persons will live in dire poverty. Between them the declining and marginalizing middle class without having the slightest chance for social and economical upswing. This convergence program is not fit to join the EU; it is fit to add Hungary to the number of banana republics.

Therefore, we kindly request the member states and the human right organisations to study and to analyse these processes and to consider whether their conscience lets them share complicity with the Gyurcsány government.

If these processes go through successfully, other member states may have the same fate: a precedent is established.

Is this in the EU's interest?

We request them to send observers and professionals to analyse the situation, to use all means to put an end to the lawlessness in Hungary, to the human rights abuse in the 21^st century in the middle of Europe and to stop public criminality at the highest political level directed against the population of the country. 


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